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How Much Does a Glass Wall Installation Cost?

Most of us are thinking of having glass walls installed in our home but are having second thoughts because of the cost. Well, there are a lot of things to consider when you think of installing glass windows in your home. You should consider the materials that will be used and the labor as well.

11If you are screening for the right company to install your glass walls, you should pick the best to avoid any problems after the installation. Look for a company who is licensed and insured to do the job. Better yet, ask for estimates then bid proposals from the shortlisted companies you have in mind. The starting price if you hire someone to install the glass windows will be around $150.00 and above per hour. Usually, there will be at least two people working if the project is not that big. If you’re thinking about going with someone who can offer lower than that price, I suggest you check the credentials and background of the company first. You don’t want the quality of work to suffer in exchange for a few bucks that you can save.

You should also think about which materials will be used for your glass wall partitions. There are a lot of materials that you can choose from like a tempered glass, low-E glass, Argon glass, hurricane shutter glass, and even designer glass. The higher the quality is, the higher the price of the material will cost. Check for the options and look around in the market so you can have a comparison with the costs. Of course, if you will choose a custom-made wall glass, it will be more expensive. Just make sure that you will not sacrifice the quality of the material. If you decide to get glass walls you don’t want to get poor quality glass materials, it may just add more expenses. The price will always differ with the materials, how big the project is and the contractor you will get.

Should You Ever Install Glass Walls at Home?

Have you ever thought if you need to install glass walls at home? Some people may believe that it is not necessary but for me, I would have it recommended. There are a lot of benefits that you can get if you ever install glass walls in your house. Yes, you should install glass walls at your home because of several reasons.

1. You should install glass walls to brighten up your home

The advantage of having glass walls in your home will give you extra brightness in your house. You don’t need to rely on the light, powered by electricity as you can get the natural light provided by nature.

2. You should install glass walls to add value to your home

Homes that have glass walls partitions appear more enticing to the people. It creates the illusion of having more space in your house. It will seem very spacious than the original size of your home.

3. You should install glass walls to give good ambiance in your home

If your home has a clear view through the glass walls, it will give your home a sense of openness. Your guests will feel more welcome as if you are receiving them in your house whole heartedly.

For the question, if you should ever install glass walls at your home? The answer is a big yes. Let the glass wall partitions be the way so you can have a more relaxing home. Let your house be free from darkness brought by usual concrete walls. If you have glass installed, I can assure you that you will have a stress-free home and you would want to spend more time at home with your family and friends. What are you waiting for? Start looking for the designs you want and call your trusted company when it comes to glass walls installation and request for a free estimate.

The 4 Most Beautiful Glass Based Buildings in the World

There are a lot of magnificent buildings all around the globe. We can’t deny the fact that the structures and designs have evolved in a fascinating way. One look and these beautiful buildings can take your breath away. Sometimes I’ve been thinking, are these buildings for real or is it just an illusion to have a state of the art attraction? Let me show you the four most beautiful glass based infrastructures in the world that took my breath away.

1. Botanical Garden of Curitiba or Jardim Botânico Fanchette Rischbieter


I have always been in awe looking at French Gardens. Don’t be surprised if the this Botanical Garden caught my attention. It is located in Curitiba, Brazil that opened dated 1991. The magnificent structure was made of glass and metal. One look and you will think you are in Glass Castle.

2. Hotel W


The Hotel W is located in Barcelona, Spain. This hotel is the one of the best proof how architecture has evolved in a very modern way. The great Ricardo Bofill has designed it. If you desire to have the feeling of being the captain sailor in the midst of the sea, then this is the perfect place you can fulfill your dream.

3. The Gherkin


The Gherkin or much known 30 St Mary Axe is one of the highest buildings around London. The designer Norman Foster preferred the thick glass panels that made the building use the natural light making it one of the energy efficient infrastructures.

4. National Centre of Performing Arts


If you think you’ve seen it all, then you haven’t seen this National Grand Theatre based in Beijing, China. It is made of glass and titanium that you can see how it reflects through the human-made lake that surrounds it. It was designed by Paul Andreu and was built in the year 2007.

These buildings are the proof on how much the architecture of today has improved. The grandeurs of these buildings are one of a kind. By looking at these infrastructures, you will wonder how much more advancement will the modern architecture take. The possibilities are limitless, but one thing is for sure, the glass windows created a significant impact on the designs of today.